About our organization

5 Stones Open Door is a faith-based organization that offers group sessions, classes, and job training for those who have experienced trauma, abuse, and addictions. Group sessions start with Mending the Soul’s psychology and faith-based book and workbook. A certified Facilitator, guides the group in understanding abuse from the abused to the abuser. Other groups coming by March 2020: Overcomers  In Christ (addictions), What's Good About Anger (anger management), and Restorative Justice. Also coming in 2020 various classes and job training to round out the 5 Stones Open Door approach to whole-person well-being.

Projects & Outreach

Fundraiser - Group Sessions- Giving Tuesday

"Shoes Shine 4 Victims" Fundraiser!!!

Our goal, is to collect 50 bags of new or lightly used shoes, to represent victims of abuse in Fresno County. We all know someone who has a few too many shoes right? What better way to put all those shoes to good use than for shoes to represent and support victims. Here are 3 ways to join in the fun of our Shoe drive. 

1.    Donate your shoes, or everybody else's shoes, ask family, ask friends, collect at school or at the gym

Everybody has at least one pair of shoes

2 . Go Door to Door 2 hours hanging door knockers.                      2nd Day drive around collecting donated shoes at the end of the driveway

3. Donate money


New Group Sessions

Friend of or Victim of Trauma /Abuse

Intro and Registration

December 14th, 2019

10 AM to 11:30 AM

Plan to attend 1 1/2 hours

1. Intro ACEs & Questionnaire

2. 3 presenters

3. Grounding Art

4. Results ACEs  Questionnaire

5. Mending the Soul Sign up

To secure your spot Call: 559-528-8524 only 10 spots available

All group sessions are Donation based

Starts Dec 3rd

 Be the first one to push our donation button! We are continuing our Giving Tuesday Campaign until 12-31-2019

We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization

Give So Others May Live Longer

Give in Memory of Someone You Love


Listen For Understanding

Hi, my name is Princess I came to America for a better life when I was 12. I am celebrating Christmas at my friend's house. We have plans for college and moving out on our own one day. One month before my 18th Birthday, I became one of the 5 stones in 5 Stones Open Door. Now I speak through my story every day, all day, and sometimes, in the middle of the night so others will live longer.